The Passion Podject

The Passion Podject

Hey friends,

A quick post to let you know about a little thing I did a few weeks ago.  My good friend Scott has just launched a new podcast called The Passion Podject, and I was lucky enough to be the guinea pig first ever guest!


The aim is for Scott, a man of many interests but no one true passion, to talk to people about the one thing that they want to shout about from the rooftops, and how and why it became that one thing.  I of course jumped at the chance to discuss in-depth my obsession with all things makeup, and I had such a great time doing it.

The Passion Podject is available to listen to here, or you can find it where you normally get your podcasts from if you’re a podcast nut like me.

Warning – there are some swears and adult themes in the recording so I would advise listening at your discretion.

There are plenty more great guests lined up for the coming weeks so please feel free to show your support and subscribe.  You can also give the Podject’s Facebook page a like to stay updated.

A big thank you to Scott for having me ramble at him for over an hour about makeup.  I hope you enjoy the show, and I’ll see you back here very soon!

Love, Sarah ♥

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