First impression reviews – cheap and cruelty free

First impression reviews – cheap and cruelty free

Hi everyone and welcome back to Bigg Beauty!  Thank you so much for all of the love I received for my first post earlier this week.  I was really nervous putting myself out there so I was so thrilled to receive such a positive response!

As you would have learnt in my get to know me post, I am constantly purchasing makeup and beauty products and I love trying out new things.  I am going to make first impressions and reviews a fairly regular feature of this blog as I figure this kind of information could be useful to those of you who don’t have quite the same shopping and spending compulsions that I do.  Read on for my thoughts on some new goodies I picked up recently.

If you haven’t heard of Shop Miss A before, they are an online cosmetics and accessories store where the majority of products are sold for only $1.  I’ve made two big orders from there so far and will be definitely going back for more.  I’m very impressed with the quality of the items I’ve received for the tiny price, and it is a great place to go if you are looking to experiment with products such as sheet masks, false eyelashes and glitters without laying out too much cash.  Shop Miss A have recently launched their own line of cosmetics, Shop a2o, who specialise in “Affordable, Highly Pigmented Makeup for All”.  The Shop a2o range is slightly more expensive than the other products offered by Shop Miss A, but still incredibly affordable and offering a great selection of on-trend makeup.  They also stock magnetic palettes at a fraction of the price of a Z Palette which was a very exciting discovery for me.

Shop Miss A Glowy Rose Blush – $1US


I couldn’t say no to trying one of these blushes – how pretty is the pan?  I almost don’t want to use it.  I got the shade Pink Coral and I am beyond impressed with the formula.  It is buildable, has the perfect amount of shimmer without being too over the top and it lasts so well on my skin.  I find a lot of blushes tend to fade on me throughout the day but I’ve worn this one two days in a row and it has still been going strong at the end of the day.  I’ll definitely be grabbing some more shades next time I make an order.  Did I mention it was ONE DOLLAR?

a2o Primer Spray – $3.50US


I will start by saying I absolutely love the packaging of this product – it looks so cute.  The spray pump doesn’t work too well and shot the spray out with a bit too much force for my liking, so I have been spraying it onto my hands and rubbing it in instead which has been working just fine.  It is definitely not a pore filling primer so doesn’t leave the silky smooth finish that silicone-based primers do.  Instead it has quite a tacky finish which is great for helping your foundation adhere to your skin.  I have never been a huge fan of primer so I don’t have too many other products to compare it to, but it definitely improved the staying power of my makeup so for the price I’m completely sold.


I grabbed a few things from my local Terry White Chemist last week as they were having a “spend $50, get a big bag o’ goodies” promotion which I am a total sucker for.  I got some interesting things in said bag o’ goodies including a big bottle of liquid chlorophyll (!) and a fluorescent orange nail polish, haha!  The things from the bag that I won’t use will be going in my Christmas donation to Share the Dignity’s #itsinthebag campaign.

Designer Brands False & Flared Mascara – $14.99


I like my mascaras fairly thick and chunky so I’m not going to write home about this one, but if you’re a fan of a more lengthening rather than thickening formula then this one is a great option.  It is pretty comparable to Maybelline’s Lash Sensational mascara and is cruelty free and vegan!  DB Cosmetics are becoming a strong favourite of mine as I try to transition my makeup collection into being entirely cruelty free.

ulta3 HD Blur Foundation – $11.95


I have been super keen to try ulta3’s foundation after seeing Crystal Conte rave about it in a video a few months back and I am an instant convert!  I can see this becoming a new everyday favourite of mine.  I got the lightest shade (Ivory) and the colour is a great match for me.  It is a medium to full coverage and builds easily.  I used it with the a2o primer two days in a row and it lasted really well with only a tiny bit of patchiness in my usual oily spots on my chin and forehead.  I set with the Australis Fresh & Flawless powder and didn’t get too much oiliness at all which is VERY exciting indeed!  Best of all, it is super affordable and cruelty free.  Praising the foundation gods for this discovery!


All in all it has been a successful few weeks for new finds and I’ve found a few things that I will definitely repurchase.  Which new products have you tried lately and what did you think?  Leave me a comment below and let me know.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Sarah ♥

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